Executive Director

Application Deadline: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 5:00pm


  • North Shore Multicultural Society (NSMS) is dedicated to building an inclusive North Shore that helps immigrants and refugees successfully integrate into life in Canada.  NSMS offers government funded specialized settlement programs, English languages classes, employment programs, integration and family programs, and builds community partnerships to develop a welcoming and inclusive community.
  • An experienced and inspiring Executive Director will lead a dedicated and talented staff team of 60, oversee numerous programs and a budget of approximately $4 million. As the senior staff person, the Executive Director is accountable to the Board of Directors of the NSMS for the overall leadership and management to enhance organizational excellence and advance programming and settlement services within the organization’s vision, mission and strategic goals.

Key Competencies


  • Strong but flexible knowledge based leadership qualities and the ability to operate in a constantly changing environment
  • Knowledge of human resource management to be able to recruit and empower capable staff to work productively to excel
  • Able to assume a leadership role within the sector by participating with other agencies through committees, joint projects, partnerships
  • Proven track record in successfully dealing with complex issues and multi-stakeholder relationships
  • Strong financial management skills

Analysis, problem-solving and strategy formulation

  • Ability to analyze complex policy issues and communicate clear and focused organizational policy in a culturally diverse setting
  • Ability to understand issues and make systematic and rational decisions based on the relevant information
  • Experience in setting strategic organizational goals, and executing alternatives/initiatives consistent with achieving these goals

Understanding of Not-for-Profit, Government and Industry Processes

  • Able to appreciate and respect regulatory processes and work effectively with those bodies that have the potential for impacting the organization
  • Broad knowledge of immigrant/refugee/labour market/language issues/trends as well as government and private initiatives


  • Strong understanding of governance and willingness to work closely with the Board of Directors and Board Committees
  • Well-developed and demonstrated interpersonal skills and ability to effectively work with people of diverse backgrounds

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Planning

  • Create and implement the organizational vision and strategic plan, along with the Board and senior managers
  • Identify emerging issues that affect the organization, either positively or negatively
  • Work in collaboration with the Board, management team, relevant community agencies to address key issues related to the organization’s vision and mission

 Program Management

  • Deliver quality programs and services that are relevant and consistent with community needs and that achieve the organizational vision and goals
  • Evaluate programs and services on a regular basis against internal and external standards and direct/recommend appropriate changes or enhancements

Human Resources Management

  • Maintain and empower a level of qualified staff committed to excellent delivery of relevant programs that are consistent with organizational needs
  • Foster a safe and respectful environment

Financial Management and Viability

  • Manage the assets and resources available to the Society for optimum benefit for the organization
  • Generate a range of funding sources to support the organization’s goals and programs
  • Ensure prudent financial planning and reporting that support achievement of the organizational mission, vision and objectives

Risk Management

  • Manage and maintain organizational resources within approved budgets and avoid unnecessarily encumbering or risking NSMS assets
  • Ensure organizational operations are at all times conducted in a prudent and lawful manner within all applicable legislative, contractual and professional requirements and standards
  • Maintain and annually update the organization’s risk register

Public/Community Relations

  • Develop and maintain effective relationships and/or partnerships with a broad range of community sectors including funding sources, all levels of government, other non-profits and businesses, other professional/social service agencies and cultural/community groups
  • Act as the key spokesperson and promote a positive public image and reputation for the organization and its mission, programs, products and services
  • Lead or oversee fundraising, marketing, communications (including social media) and community outreach.

Board of Directors

  • Support the work of the Board and its committees to ensure informed decision-making and effective governance of the organization
  • Inform the Board of Directors about any potential risks or situations that may affect the Executive Director’s ability to meet his/her responsibilities
  • Provide the Board with regular organizational updates and financial reports
  • Perform other functions as identified by the Board related to the affairs of the organization


  • Working knowledge of NSMS activities
  • Strong understanding of the immigration process, and issues/barriers facing newcomers/immigrants and refugees
  • Experience working with a culturally diverse staff and knowledge of diversity issues
  • Knowledge of the Settlement sector and the North Shore


  • Degree in relevant areas such as business administration, organizational development, community social work or equivalent.


  • Excellent oral and written communication in English with diverse stakeholders
  • Excellent proposal writing skills
  • Financial management and budgetary oversight skills
  • Multiple program management skills
  • Supervisory skills in hiring, training and evaluating staff
  • Interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to adapt to changing environment
  • Critical reasoning and problem-solving skills


  • Minimum of five (5) years management/leadership experience in a related field including experience in initiating, planning, implementing and evaluating programs and services
  • Experience with funder procurement and accountability processes, including federal and provincial processes
  • Previous successful leadership experience in a large, diverse non-profit, including human resources management

NSMS strives to be an employer of choice and provides a working environment that values diversity, respect and excellence.  We embrace diversity and encourage all qualified applicants to apply. We regret that only short-listed applicants will be contacted. 

How to Apply:

Deadline to apply is Sunday, September 30, 20107.

To apply please click here