Ontario Government Supporting Work to Improve Men's Health

Office of the Premier

The government of Ontario is partnering with the Canadian Men's Health Foundation (CMHF), providing funding to encourage men to make small changes in their lives that can make a big difference to their health.

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According to the CMHF, men are 40 per cent more likely than women to die from cancer and 70 per cent more likely to die of heart disease. These increased risks can be directly linked to nutrition, exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking, meaning simple lifestyle changes can significantly improve men's overall health. CMHF is promoting small steps such as sleeping seven to eight hours per night, consuming no more than 15 alcoholic drinks per week, eating eight to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, and exercising for 150 minutes every week.

Ontario is providing $5 million over five years to support CMHF's work to increase men's health literacy, improve research and data collection, reach men in ethnic communities who are at increased risk, and engage with health care professionals and chronic disease organizations to help men make better health decisions.

CMHF's work complements other government initiatives that will improve men's health outcomes, including support to help smokers quit, education on the risks of misusing alcohol and OHIP coverage for screening tests for men suspected of having prostate cancer.