SfC Curriculum Developer Consultant – Construction Trades

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Skills for Change
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 11:00pm
Fixed date

SfC is committed to developing and delivering Construction Trades training and initiatives. Since 2008, SfC has been developing and delivering training for Internationally-Trained Tradesperson though our bridging program Trades Win Support Program (TWSP). Although this program has supported clients with licensure, technical skills and employment training we identified a gap with respect to language and communication at the level that employers feel clients are prepared to work on a construction site. Employers are concerned with instructions being understood by clients and ensuring safety on the worksite. The development of a curriculum for Construction Trades will support language improvements/enhancements and communication requirements and will increase the success of securing employment for clients in the Construction Trades.

Skills for Change is seeking submissions from service providers to design a Construction Trades Sector-Specific and Employment training, and train staff to facilitate the curriculum.

The purpose of this project is to fund the curriculum design and staff training for a 5-week Construction Trades Sector-Specific and Employment curriculum. The curriculum will be geared towards Internationally-Trained Construction Trades Persons facing multiple barriers with opportunities to improve their English, acquire sector-specific knowledge, and employment strategy skills, in order to successfully settle and integrate into the Canadian environment. The curriculum should have built-in flexibility for adaptation into existing programming and must be designed to provide in class and online delivery. Each component of the curriculum will work together as part of an overall programme. In addition, each component should be able to stand-alone for inclusion in other courses and/or for use in both formal and/or informal teaching situations.

For Additional Information, please contact: Corina Carvallo, Manager, Programs and Services 416-658-3101 ext. 211

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Corina Carvallo