Journey to Promote Mental Health training: Trauma-Informed Care

October 11, 2019 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
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Welcome Centre Immigrant Services
9100 Jane Street, Building H, Units 56-67
Vaughan, ON


Hong Fook, Mental Health Foundation invites Front-Line Workers to a Journey to Promote Mental Health: A Training Series for Individuals Working with Immigrants and Refugees.

"Reflect, revisit, and refresh : Trauma-informed Care "

Building upon knowledge from the two-day mental health trainings, the community practice session will further strengthen participants’ knowledge on mental health and provide skills to apply intervention strategies.

Gurest Speaker:

  • Ms. Daphne Au Young

This FREE one-day training is for past essential mental health training participants, who can seek case consultation and support for the application of the past learning as well as develop intervention strategies. This face-to-face training would strengthen participants' knowledge on the diverse forms of mental health and mental illness within a cultural diversity framework, and equip them with knowledge of risk factors, signs and symptoms of mental illness. Participants will also learn how to develop holistic personalized settlement plan for their clients. 

A unique part of this training is the built-in peer practice practice component. It aims to facilitate mutual support and networking opportunities among frontline workers. It will consist of sharing of current difficult cases and advice from other participants, with project staff acting as facilitators.

Topics include:

  • diverse forms of mental health and mental illness within a cultural competency framework 
  • steps to develop a holistic personalized settlement plan for clients
  • what to do when clients have traumatic experience and how to talk to clients with a traumatic past
  • community resource and referral options
  • in-depth self-care awareness

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This project is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada