Sleep Hygiene (睡眠衛生) in Cantonese

April 8, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
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Toronto, ON M6C 1B7

Good night sleep is important for your physical and mental health as healthy eating and exercising. However, many people will suffer from sleep disturbances at some time in their life. We will take a close look at your own sleeping habits as well as develop practical techniques for good sleep hygiene. This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their overall sleeping habits and hopefully catch some Zs! Our mental health counsellor from Skills for Change will facilitate this workshop. To complete your registration for this event, please send an email to (, in addition to registering on this site.

良好的睡眠在生活中與健康飲食同樣重要。但是,不少人一生中都會面對睡眠障礙的困擾。在這個講座中,我們仔細研究不同的實用技術改善睡眠習慣。你可以根據自己的實際情況把技術融入生活中。在這個過程中你會發現,哪種方法是最適合你的,讓你不再被睡眠問題困擾。我們的心理輔導員會輔助這一課。如有興趣參加者,請聯絡 以便獲得Zoom Meeting 註冊信息。

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