Bi-lingual Evaluation Consultant for OCASI’s Small Black-Led and Racialized Capacity Building Project

Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, August 2, 2023 - 5:00pm

Request for Proposals

Bi-lingual Evaluation Consultant for OCASI’s Small Black-Led and Racialized

Capacity Building Project

Deadline for Receipt of Submissions: August 2nd, 2023

OCASI invites qualified individuals/organizations to submit a proposal for a contract to evaluate OCASI’s Equity and Capacity building for black-led and racialized organization project.

Organization Profile

OCASI was formed in 1978 to act as a collective voice for immigrant serving agencies and tc coordinate responses to shared needs and concerns. Its membership consists of more than 245 autonomous community-based organizations across Ontario. OCASI champions equity and human rights for im/migrants and refugees through advocacy, collective action, collaborative planning, research, capacity-building, and information and knowledge transfer.

Project Overview

The project delivers a capacity-building program grounded in anti-racism and equity that builds the capacity of small, Black-led, and racialized organizations (SBLROs) to navigate successful government funding processes and apply for and manage funding opportunities. SBLROs will have improved access to information, tools, guidance, and enhanced knowledge, skills and support. They will have increased capacity to navigate government funding processes, effectively propose projects, negotiate contribution agreements; and secure, manage and report on federal/provincial/private grants and contributions.

The project is delivered both in English and in French

Key components of the project include:

• Implementing a needs assessment process to identify capacity-building needs and priorities among SBLROs
• Developing and delivering a knowledge and skill development program for SBLROs utilizing diverse delivery platforms
• Holding networking forums to provide a safe space for SBLROs to share information, learn about promising practices and develop strategic networks
• Matching SBLRO with mentors who will provide hands-on support that reinforce training program learning
• Collecting, developing, curating, and disseminating project resources and tools to enhance further capacities for SBLROs who cannot directly participate in training, networking or mentoring activities

Scope of Evaluation

OCASI is accepting proposals to develop small black-led and racialized organizations’ capacity building framework and methods to guide the design of tailored package support for the target organizations. The scope of work requires a bi-lingual evaluator or a team of evaluators with French capacity to execute the project.

Key Objectives

• Develop an evaluation framework for the SRO Project, including indicators and measuring tools to evaluate project activities and outcomes as part of an overall approach. This framework will include several components: an evaluation overview, program logic model, and final performance measurement matrix;
• Develop an evaluation plan for the project that provides for data collection, analysis, protocols, and timelines;
• Submit a final report that provides an overall summary of the project that will encompass:
o How well did the project meet the expected results and outcomes in the funding agreement?
o What changes were required, and were these reasonable variations that achieved comparable ends;
o factors that contributed to success; best practices and lessons learned;
o Impact of the project on the agencies involved in and in the communities
o Lessons learned, promising practices, and next steps that may follow this initiative, including high-level strategic ideas and mid- to low- and “no-cost” ideas.

Request for Proposal
Proposals should not exceed 5 pages and must include:
● A summary of the proposed process for project evaluation.
● A detailed work plan outlining the activities to be completed and related timelines.
● A complete and detailed budget summary.
● Relevant qualifications and experience.
● A statement of the Consultant understanding of issues of confidentiality as applied to this project and disclosure concerning any real or perceived or potential conflicts of interest.

Time Frame:

The Consultant will be an independent contractor through a fixed-price contract. The expected term of the contract assignment is August 2023 – June 2024.
Budget The total budget will not exceed $15,000, including HST,

Qualifications Required

• Knowledge and understanding of organizational development issues within the settlement sector, specifically about the small black-led and racialized organization
• Proven experience conducting evaluation projects that incorporate qualitative and quantitative methodologies;
• Proven track record of conducting projects of similar scope;
• Understanding of equity and access issues as they pertain to immigrants, refugees, Black and racialized communities;

How many organizations and/or individuals are enrolled in the SBLROs project? How many cohorts of organizations and/or individuals will move through the SBLROs project?
The number of organizations that will participate in the SBLROs project and the number of cohorts of organizations that will move through the project are relative to each project's key component.

  • 100 organizations to participate in the needs assessment.
  • 12 SBLROs to be selected to be mentees
  • 6 organizations to be recruited and matched with the mentees.
  • 320  SBLROs to participate in knowledge and skills development activities that will be implemented in the form of 6 Workshops/webinars and 2 Network Forms during the project's duration.

Does your organization envision your staff or the contractor conducting the data collection for this project?
For the organization, the lead for the data collection depends on the work plan that will be provided as part of the candidate's proposal for the RFP.

Do the tools and deliverables need to be provided in both French and English?
There are SBLROs that identify as Francophone. Therefore, the scope of work requires a bi-lingual evaluator or a team of evaluators with French capacity to provide tools and deliverables that are both English and French.

Are there specific evaluation requirements that are necessary for the funder?
The evaluation requirements: The data collection for the evaluator will be consisting of focus groups, surveys, interviews, and document review including:
a) following each of the workshops/webinars and networking forums the results will help to improve upcoming workshops/webinars/forums (6 webinars and 2 network forms in total)
b) at the end of the project.

How to apply: 

Please submit your applications by August 2nd, 2023
OCASI Hiring Committee – SBLRO Project
Please put the following in the subject line: SBLRO Project Evaluation Consultant RFP

Questions regarding this RFP should be submitted in writing via email to the Senior Project Coordinator, Adel Merheb -
All questions submitted prior to July 24, 2023 will be posted and answered on the OCASI websites ( & AtWork)

We thank all applicants; however, only short-listed individuals/organizations will be contacted.