Employer Liaison, Skilled Newcomer Incentive Bond Pilot (2 Positions)

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Job region: 
Greater Toronto Area
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, August 21, 2022 - 5:15pm
Job terms: 
Full-time contract


The Skilled Newcomer Incentive Bond Pilot will test an innovative approach to address specific barriers faced by skilled newcomers in order to improve their labour market integration. Through this project, employers will be provided with a hiring bond to hire, train, and provide work experience for skilled newcomers in their field of study and professional experience.

The Employer Liaison will focus on assisting individuals who require a job placement to match their skills and interests with employment opportunities and employer needs, including training incentives and supports. The Employer Liaison may also provide job retention assistance for those clients who need additional coaching and mentoring, in order to maintain employment or to make the next step on their career path.


&Bull; Facilitate work opportunities and negotiation of employment relationships on behalf of clients including placement agreements and contracts with individuals and employers that include training objectives and commitments and financial incentives
• Develop a training plan with the Employer and the participant and negotiate the incentive as appropriate
• Conduct outreach to Employers to identify opportunities and promoted job matching and placement support
• Ensure that employers meet all eligibility criteria, conduct at least one site visit per Employer prior to placements to confirm a suitable and safe work environment.
• Where necessary, provide Employers with sensitivity/diversity training, workplace safety training and information on accommodation needs
• Conduct monitors and provide coaching and support during the placement including identifying and resolving workplace issues that may affect participant success both during and after the placement
• Administer contract with Employers, including the timely processing and payment of financial incentives
• Facilitate structured and individualized support for conducting successful job search to individuals in a group setting or individually
• Preparation of job search tools including resumes and applications, interview and job search strategies
• Be the back-up Facilitator when required
· Other duties as assigned


• University Degree or related College Diploma or demonstrated skills and experience
• Minimum of 2 years of demonstrated experience in some or all aspects of Job Search, Job Placement and Incentives or Job Retention including employment/coaching
• Minimum of 2 years experience facilitating job search related sessions with knowledge of current job search techniques and assessment tools in a group setting to adult learners
• Excellent understanding of job search strategies, career counselling and experience facilitating full time job search sessions
• Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups – including adults, youth, newcomers to Canada or other groups with specialized needs
• Demonstrated understanding of community resources, programs and services
• Goal oriented highly organized and flexible and adaptable: with superior time management skills
• Computer literate and internet experience and familiar with using career resources including computerized assessment tools
• Excellent interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills
• Strong presentation/facilitating and one to one coaching skills
• Ability to work evenings, weekends or split shifts as necessary

How to apply:

Please apply at www.achev.ca / About / Careers

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