Assess How Inclusive is Your City



How inclusive is your city?

Take the pulse of your city with MyCOM, the My City of Migration Diagnostic.

MyCOM is a modular tool designed to help you assess the quality of inclusion in your city: at work, at school, on election day, in health and as a new arrival.

Complete the MYCOM Diagnostic to build a profile of your city’s strengths and weaknesses across 10 dimensions of inclusion.

How does your city measure up?

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What to expect?

Complete all five modules and receive a customized roadmap to a more inclusive city. Mapped to ten dimensions of inclusion and proofed by international experts, the MyCOM Diagnostic provides a detailed snapshot of “your” city’s relative strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis diversity and inclusion and then directs users to a rich set of resources on the Building Inclusive Cities Learning Platform.

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What's in it for me?

Become an agent of inclusion in your city. Learn more about the complex and interconnected conditions that can enhance (or inhibit) immigrant integration. The MyCOM Diagnostic will analyze the quality of inclusion in your city, help identify factors behind success or failure in immigrant integration, and provide the tools you need to foster a culture of welcome and belongin.

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Successful cities value diversity as an essential component of community identity, political culture and economic well-being. When managed successfully, local governments help shape a rich healthy environment within the city that celebrates this diversity and provides a sense of belonging and well-being for residents of all backgrounds. The city is theirs, at home, at work, at play.

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Forward-looking cities want their future workforce to reflect the city’s diversity across all areas and levels of work. These cities put an inclusionary lens on procurement and supplier diversity, HR contracts, zoning, infrastructure expenditures, service delivery costs, investor incentives and immigrant entrepreneurship. They send a clear message to all city residents: the city is theirs and its doors are open for business.

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