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New report raises concerns over labour exploitation of migrant workers during pandemic

Sawyer Bogdan Global News February 15, 2023

A new report looking at the impact the pandemic had on the exploitation of migrant workers in Canada is raising concerns about an increase in labour trafficking.

The groups involved in the report say a major labour shortage, coupled with the status of temporary foreign workers, is leading to more situations of migrant workers being taken advantage of.

Expanding immigration will not erase racism in Canadian society

Themrise Khan Policy Options February 13, 2023

In its latest immigration plan, the federal government says it hopes to welcome almost 1.5 million new permanent residents between 2023 and 2025, up from approximately one million in the immigration targets for 2020-22. The economic benefits of increased immigration aside, there remains a major elephant in the room that Canada is still not ready to address – racism and discrimination against “visible minorities” – code for non-white immigrants.

Grassroots organization seeking local housing supports for Ukrainian families

Brent Cater City News February 13 2023

It's been nearly a year since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine - and the number of refugee families fleeing the fighting has continued to grow. 

Finding homes for these families has become increasingly challenging as hundreds look to find safety in Canada and locally in Waterloo Region. 

Asylum seekers using well-organized system for crossing irregularly into Canada

Marisela Amador City News The Canadian Press

Moments after a Greyhound bus from New York City pulls into a gas station bus stop in Plattsburgh, N.Y., Friday at 5:25 a.m., several minivan taxis swarm the vehicle. 

About a dozen passengers descend from the bus — mostly single men, but also several couples and a family with three young daughters. They are greeted by four pushy taxi drivers.

Kept apart for years, Iranian couples decry Canada's heartbreaking immigration delays

Priscilla Ki Sun Hwang · CBC News · Posted: Feb 13, 2023

One spouse in Canada, the other overseas — for years.

For a group of Iranian nationals, the wait to live with — let alone hug and kiss — their partners has been painfully long as they wait years for Canada to process their permanent residency (PR) applications.