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‘Nothing left’: Why a Canadian woman is pleading for help after Turkey’s earthquake

Saba Aziz Global News February 9, 2023

Toronto resident Mercan Kismetli was putting her kids to sleep on Sunday night when a massive earthquake struck her hometown in Turkey.

After seeing the news on TV that a 7.8-magnitude earthquake had ripped through Turkey and neighbouring Syria, she frantically started making calls to her relatives in the tiny town of Pazarcik.

Immigration minister has ‘serious concerns’ about inauthentic Canadian travel documents sent to Afghans

Marieke Walsh The Globe and Mail 8 February 2023

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser told MPs Wednesday he has “serious concerns” that Afghans desperate to flee the Taliban were misled when they were sent inauthentic Canadian travel documents, leaving them with the mistaken belief that they had been cleared to come to Canada.

Canada may fast-track immigration applications from people in earthquake zone

The Canadian Press Feb. 9, 2023

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser signalled this week that Canada may fast-track applications to come to Canada from people in the earthquake zones of Turkey and Syria.

Two major earthquakes rocked southwestern Turkey and northwestern Syria in a matter of hours on Monday, destroying thousands of buildings.

The confirmed death toll keeps rising, with more than 19,800 people killed and at least another 64,000 injured.

'Incredibly frustrating' visa delays could thwart another Montreal conference

Dylan Robertson · The Canadian Press · Posted: Feb 08, 2023

Yet another global conference in Montreal risks being derailed by Canada's delays in processing visas and by rejections that critics argue punish those from poorer countries.

"It's incredibly frustrating and difficult for us to manage," said Mark Boyer, head of the International Studies Association (ISA), which is based at the University of Connecticut.

Former Afghan interpreter left in the dark on immigration status after government paperwork changes

Raffy Boudjikanian · CBC News · Posted: Feb 07, 2023

Ten days after retired Canadian military nursing officer Lisa Compton told CBC News about her struggles to bring an Afghan military interpreter and his family to Canada, the federal immigration department has stopped providing her with updates on his case.

Ottawa extends, expands work permit program for Hong Kong residents

Aaron D’Andrea Global News February 6, 2023

Ottawa has extended and expanded a work permit program for Hong Kong residents seeking jobs in Canada as advocates warned thousands could be shut out with its expiry.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced Monday that the federal government was extending the application deadline for the temporary three-year open work permit to Feb. 7, 2025. It was set to expire Tuesday.

Why is Canada snubbing internationally trained doctors during a health-care crisis?

The Canadian Press Feb 06, 2023  

Authors: Simran Purewal, Research Associate, Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University; Evelyn Encalada Grez, Assistant Professor, Labour Studies, Simon Fraser University, and Paola Ardiles, Senior Lecturer, Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Internationally trained doctors are being sidelined in Canada while six million Canadians do not have a family doctor.

TD strikes deal with Canada immigration site as newcomers surge

Kevin Orland, Bloomberg News January 31, 2023

Gerry Butts, vice chair of Eurasia Group and former principal secretary to the prime minister of Canada, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the inclusion of Canada in Eurasia Group's Top Risks 2023 report. Butts speaks about the risks Canada faces from China and from growing divisiveness in the United States, and also mentions the advantages Canada has which other countries do not.