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Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw in Ukraine

By Ivanka Siolkowsky July 5, 2022 MacLeans

When Russia invaded Ukraine in March, Ivanka Siolkowsky, aka the Tidy Moose—a Ukrainian-Canadian author and professional organizer living in Toronto—didn’t wait long to pack her bags. Within a week, she flew to Poland to volunteer on the border, and later ventured into Ukraine itself. From rebuilding the roofs of bombed buildings to helping unaccompanied Ukrainian minors cross the border into Poland, Siolkowsky worked without the help of an organization. This is her story.

Hamilton councillors agree to spend $1.4 million to help fleeing Ukrainians settle in city

Kevin Werner Hamilton Spectator Wed., July 6, 2022

Hamilton councillors agreed to spend over $1.4 million within the next two months to assist Ukrainian refugees as they settle into the community.

Councillors had been reluctant to spend the money at an earlier committee meeting because it was unclear if the federal government would compensate the city for the costs.

Canada-bound Afghans left in the dark after two charter flights from Islamabad are cancelled

Raffy Boudjikanian · CBC News · Posted: Jun 29, 2022

Two charter flights scheduled to leave Islamabad for Canada carrying Afghan refugees failed to depart Pakistan this week, CBC News has learned. 

"That was quite disappointing; to find out that the flight was cancelled," said Jameel Haqmall, a former Canadian NGO employee who fled Afghanistan in May with his family after months of living in hiding.

Why Indian immigrants' 1st names sometimes end up as XXX on Canadian passports

Rebecca Zandbergen · CBC News · Posted: Jun 28, 2022

Safa Khan didn't think her Canadian passport would prove to be such a hassle when she first moved from Delhi to London, Ont., nearly 10 years ago.

Khan received her Canadian passport earlier this year, with her full name — first, middle and last — shown as Safa Jamaluddin Khan printed in the surname field. Her first name on the official document reads XXX.

Canada will open embassy in Rwanda to combat Russian and Chinese influence

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly announced during a news conference in Kigali, Rwanda on Wednesday that Canada will be opening an embassy and assigning an ambassador in Rwanda’s capital city for the first time ever. “More than ever, Canada’s voice needs to be heard,” Joly said. “We need more boots on the ground.” Joly also announced that Canada will be appointing a new ambassador to the African Union based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.