Evidence-informed Guide to Supporting People with Depression in the Workplace

Institute for Work & Health


While depression in the workplace is an extensive burden for all involved, information gaps related to implementation may prevent employers from making investments to reduce its impact. This guide helps address these gaps by drawing upon the best research evidence and integrating it with both practitioner expertise and stakeholder values and preferences.  

This guide consists of three main sections: workplace cultureworkplace processes, and workplace and non-workplace resources. Each covers different aspects of supporting individuals with depression in the workplace, and offers actionable messages for a range of workplace audiences.

Who should use this guide

The guide was designed to be used by anyone in the workplace who supports workers with depression to cope with their depression symptoms while working, or to return to work following an episode of depression.

Users may include: individuals with depression, managers, co-workers, human resources (HR) staff, union representatives and worker representatives. The content of this guide is applicable to the entire workplace regardless of sector or role.

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