Financial Literacy Resources Available for Students

Ontario Ministry of Education

November is Financial Literacy Month and the province of Ontario is highlighting the various resources and supports provided to students across the province to improve their financial literacy.

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The financial literacy resources and supports to students include:

  • Embedding financial literacy into subjects across the curriculum from Grade 4 to 12. Students are given opportunities to learn about saving, spending and investing money, as well as how to be responsible consumers, how to protect their personal information online, and how to understand their role in an increasingly complex global economy.
  • Providing matching funding to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to support Funny Money, an innovative program for high school students that complements the government's approach to financial literacy education in the school curriculum.
  • Supporting additional financial literacy learning about pos-secondary education and career planning as part of the mandatory Grade 10 Careers Studies course. The government is transforming Ontario's student aid system to help students obtain greater access to advanced education and have lower levels of student debt upon graduation. For eligible students from lower-income and many middle-income families, tuition will be free.