Free Smartphone App on Legal Rights


Legalswipe is a free smartphone app that is designed to educate users on their legal rights when they are stopped and questioned by police. It uses a series of menus and cues to lead users to information about their situation. It's available in English, French, and Spanish.

More Information: 

​Legalswipe was conceived by Christien Levien. As a teenager he was assaulted by police and gained a first hand understanding of the difficulty in navigating the legal system. He had developed the Legalswipe prototype shortly after his graduation from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. In July 2015, the app was launched in Toronto Canada . The application's development is informed by the four principles of accessibility, simplicity, user focus, and efficiency. Legalswipe aims to educate users from all demographics on their legal rights.
The development of the application is determined by the needs of the community.