New Initiatives to Provide Women and Girls with Equal Access to Programs, Training and Coaching

Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Ontario is increasing opportunities for women and girls in sport with several new initiatives that provide equal access to programs, training and coaching.

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Premier Kathleen Wynne and Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Eleanor McMahon were at University of Toronto's Varsity Centre today to unveil the new initiatives from the province that aim to promote equal and fair opportunities for women and girls in sport and recreation, including:

  • Requiring amateur sport organizations to have policies and programs in place that support the inclusion of women and girls, through an updated Sport Recognition Policy.
  • Requiring that recipients of funding from Ontario's Amateur Sport Fund, which provides funding to provincial sport organizations and multi-sport organizations, now establish equal access to programming, training, coaching and governance for women and girls.
  • Providing funding for the Coaches Association of Ontario to recruit and train 250 women coaches and 90 women mentors by the end of 2017, in celebration of Ontario's 150th anniversary.
  • Developing a provincial Action Plan for Equal Opportunity in Sport, with advice from the Advisory Panel on Sport, which will be presented as a model for other jurisdictions at a meeting of federal, provincial, and territorial sport ministers in Winnipeg this summer.