New Study: The Case for Diversity

Commission of Canada Mental Health (MHCC)

A new study by the Commission of Canada Mental Health (MHCC) submits convincing arguments on social and economic need to meet the special needs of immigrants, refugees and ethno-cultural and racialized groups (HST) and the populations racialized Canadian born.

The report, The Case for Diversity: Promoting the improvement of mental health services for immigrants, refugees and ethno-cultural and racialized groups (AFD), provides empirical data to policy makers and planners of the system on disparities current mental health. It also shows the savings that could be achieved by bridging the gap.

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The report is the result of a multi-year research collaboration between MHCC and researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and the Wellesley Institute. The report sets out the reasons why we must immediately develop appropriate services for IRER populations and what can be done to improve existing services.
MHCC going to the next step to meet the needs of one of these groups by providing funds to the project on the mental health of refugees. This is a course informed by evidence which is available online, in English and French, to help providers of health and social services institution to acquire knowledge and skills related to refugee needs. The course is offered free in Ontario. However, the MHCC is committed to training 300 service providers outside of the province. Places are limited, register now at