Out of Office: Paid and Unpaid Leaves in Canadian Organizations

The Conference Board of Canada

The Conference Board of Canada has just released a new briefing, Out of Office: Paid and Unpaid Leaves in Canadian Organizations that benchmarks leave practices for vacation, holidays and office closures, family and parental leaves, as well as a variety of other legislated and non-legislated leaves—including new parent leave, eldercare leave, flex days, religious observance days, and many more.

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Paid and unpaid leaves are an important part of total rewards packages. The varied types of leaves that are available to employees may contribute to improved employee engagement, productivity, and health and wellness in Canadian organizations. These include vacation, family leaves (e.g., parental and adoption leaves), as well as other leaves (e.g., office closures, flex days, religious observance, bereavement, moving, and education leaves).

Out of the Office summarizes data on the above and other leaves from The Conference Board of Canada’s Compensation Planning Outlook 2016 survey of 370 predominantly large- and medium-sized organizations. Benchmarking information by sector, industry, and size of organization is provided for a series of paid and unpaid leaves, and this briefing outlines the importance of these leaves to organizations looking to attract and retain top talent.
A companion briefing released in June 2016, Addressing Employee Absences: A Look at Absence Management in Canadian Organizations , discusses sick leave, short-term, and long-term disability leaves.