Province Combating Homelessness in Ontario Communities

Ontario Investing in Municipalities to Help Families Stay in their Homes

November 2, 2016, Ministry of Housing

Ontario is helping individuals and families find safe and affordable housing, by increasing its investment in municipalities to help them meet the needs
of those experiencing homelessness.

The additional investment from the province will further support municipalities in delivering housing- and homelessness-related services tailored to meet
the needs of their communities through 2020. Services include:

•Financial assistance and education programs to help prevent eviction
•Long-term and transitional housing with related supports
•Emergency shelters for those experiencing a crisis

Last year, the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative helped almost 40,000 families and individuals experiencing homelessness obtain housing.
It also helped more than 115,000 families and individuals at-risk of homelessness remain in their homes.