Refugee Career Jumpstart Project (RCJP)

The Refugee Career Jumpstart Project (RCJP) is a Canadian non-profit focused on streamlining the process between the arrival of Syrian refugees and their employment.

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By conducting individual interviews in Arabic, the RCJP team assists newcomers by identifying transferrable skills which would aid them in their search for work in an unfamiliar Canadian job market. The RCJP team acts as an initial information and referral source, supporting newcomers with a wide range of needs; from creating an email account, to drafting resumes, to finding and contacting local employment programs.

In addition to the above examples, the team has also been laying the ground work with Canadian companies of all sizes to ensure there is a supply of jobs for the newcomers. They have also partnered with Magnet, an organization based out of Ryerson University, to tailor a custom-made, world-class job matching platform to enable employers and Syrian newcomers to connect. Additionally, they are working with leading employment and settlement agencies in the Greater Toronto Area to support the newcomers not only in their job search, but in career development, language training, access to education through scholarships, and other opportunities.