Starting January 15, 2018, Nurses can Complete ODSP Applications

Ministry of Community and Social Services

Important change in the application process of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

Starting January 15, 2018, registered nurses can complete all sections of the ODSP application forms, as well as medical review forms.

The objective of this change is to help reduce the time applicants have to wait to see another health care professional and therefore, apply for ODSP. Before this change, registered nurses could only complete one section of these forms while other health care professionals had to complete the rest.

For people who have challenges accessing a health care professional, this change will make it easier for them to apply for ODSP. Particularly in remote northern communities, such as First Nations communities, where nursing stations are often the first point of contact for primary health services. This change will help reduce the time to apply for ODSP.

Quick Facts

  • The following health care professionals can currently complete all sections of the ODSP disability forms: ophthalmologists, optometrists, physicians, psychological associates, psychologists and registered nurses in the extended class (nurse practitioners).

  • As of October 2017, there were more than 490,000 individuals and families receiving ODSP.

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