Supporting Black Parents, Caregivers and Families

Ministry of Children and Youth Services


Ontario is supporting innovative community-based programs designed to provide culturally relevant parenting support to help improve outcomes for Black children, youth and their families.

The Heritage Skills Development Centre in Scarborough received funding to deliver workshops that will reach over 100 Black families.

The workshops will be geared towards newcomer families and will help foster meaningful and positive interactions and build communication skills.

Other initiatives receiving funding include:

  • A culturally appropriate play-based literacy program for Black caregivers and kids.
  • An app focused on improving maternal-child health, including postnatal and parenting skills.
  • Culturally specific programs designed to support Black fathers.
  • Supports designed to meet the needs of families, from online resources to peer mentorship, drop-in programs and counselling.

This funding is part of Ontario's Black Youth Action Plan, which supports 10,000 Black children, youth and families each year. Investments improve outcomes for Black youth by empowering them to succeed in school, post-secondary education and employment.

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