Citizenship Resource: A classroom resource for teaching citizenship topics to adult English language learners

Toronto Catholic District School Board


The Citizenship Resource is an instructor's resource for planning, developing and teaching lessons about Canadian citizenship concepts in LINC, ESL and citizenship preparation classes.

Developed as a companion piece to the study guide Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, the Citizenship Resource complements a series of CIC-funded resources for LINC programs:

The Citizenship Resource consists of seven chapters based on citizenship-related themes that reflect the overall organization and content of Discover Canada, the study guide that helps newcomers prepare to become Canadian citizens.

The chapters are:

  1. Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
  2. Who We Are
  3. Canada's History
  4. Canada's Government
  5. Elections in Canada
  6. Canadian Symbols
  7. Canada's Regions and Economy

Each chapter consists of two parts:

  • planning framework for CLB 1-8 that provides ideas and resources for planning and developing lessons using features of CLB-based and task-based instruction; and
  • Sample Activitiessection with instructional tools illustrating the planning process presented in the framework. These tools include ready-made reproducible activities with audio material and related instructor notes.

Classroom Activities

  • Citizenship Resource (PDF)
    • User Guide
      • Chapter 1 - Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
      • Chapter 2 - Who We Are
      • Chapter 3 - Canada's History
      • Chapter 4 - Canada's Government
      • Chapter 5 - Elections in Canada
      • Chapter 6 - Canadian Symbols
      • Chapter 7 - Canada's Regions and Economy

Each volume also includes audio files. See below.

Audio Files

  1. You can download an entire chapter. There are seven chapters in total. Each chapter title below is a link to a .ZIP file containing all the chapter files. All audio files are in MP3 format.
  2. You can download individual MP3 files as well. The audio files in each chapter are listed below.

Audio Files: Terms of Use

The Toronto Catholic District School Board grants you permission to download these audio files for non-commercial use only. You may not edit, alter, republish, post, transmit, make available to the public, sell or otherwise commercialise these audio files in any way. All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights of these audio files shall remain the property of the Toronto Catholic District School Board or third parties.

Audio Guide (PDF)

File Name Duration
Chapter 1 (Zip file)
Track 01 0:25
Track 02 0:58
Chapter 2 (Zip file)
Track 03 1:19
Track 04 0:57
Track 05 1:29
Track 06 1:20
Track 07 1:00
Track 08 1:56
Chapter 3 (Zip file)
Track 09 1:09
Track 10 0:38
Track 11 1:56
Track 12 0:47
Track 13 0:51
Track 14 3:16
Track 15 5:27
File Name Duration
Chapter 4 (Zip file)
Track 16 1:12
Track 17 0:52
Track 18 3:37
Chapter 5 (Zip file)
Track 19 0:56
Track 20 1:04
Chapter 6 (Zip file)
Track 21 1:19
Track 22 0:48
Track 23 4:49
Track 24 2:50
Chapter 7 (Zip file)
Track 25 1:00
Track 26 1:05
Track 27 2:35
Track 28 1:14
Track 29 2:22
Track 30 4:33
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