COVID-19 Multilingual Educational Materials

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto has simplified, redesigned and translated a number of key COVID-19 educational materials.

 COVID-19 educational posters and graphics are available for download on the City website at, with the following new items:

In the Face Masks & Coverings section of the web page:

New "How to Wear a Mask" poster in English as well as in 28 additional languages.

New "Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Mask" poster in English with translations to 28 languages to be posted by tomorrow.

In the Protect Yourself & Others section of the web page:

Updated "How Does COVID-19 Spread?" Infographic with more than a dozen translations available for download.

New "Download the COVID Alert App" poster: in English as well as in 28 additional languages.

In the Screening Posters & Checklists section of the web page:

 Screening Posters & Checklists: translations are now available for all COVID-19 screening posters and checklists, including for Staff, Schools, and Child Care Centres.



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