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OCASI - Ontario Council for Agencies Serving Immigrants
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Monday, July 24, 2023 - 5:00pm
Fixed date
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Request for Proposal

Content Developer

To revise and update the Foundations of Settlement Work e-learning Training Course Content
Deadline for Receipt of Submissions: Monday, July 24, 2023 by 5:00 PM EST

OCASI welcomes qualified individuals/organizations to submit a proposal to develop and update the content of the “Foundation of Settlement Work in Ontario” (FSW), a self-directed e-learning course in English and French.

The FSW course aims to provide professional development resources and opportunities to Immigrant and Refugee Serving sector employees in Ontario. The Foundations of Settlement Work in Ontario course has two levels. Level 1 provides comprehensive information about the historical and political context of immigration to Canada: its history, the laws and policies that have shaped it, and the current programs for admitting newcomers to Canada. Level 2 covers the immigrant and refugee-serving sector in much more depth.

Those courses are part of OCASI’s Professional Development and Training program, funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Organization Profile
OCASI was formed in 1978 to act as a collective voice for immigrant-serving agencies and to coordinate responses to shared needs and concerns. Its membership comprises more than 246 community-based organizations in the province of Ontario.

Project Overview

This work is a part of OCASI's Professional Development and Training Program, which provides professional development resources and opportunities to the Immigrant and Refugee Serving sector in Ontario.

The online course for Immigrant and Refugee Serving sector employees was initially developed by OCASI in 1990 and further revised in 2000 and 2017. This is a professional development tool for Immigrant and Refugee service providers to improve their knowledge and skills and to provide tools to address and help to understand the particular programming and service needs of immigrant and refugee populations in Ontario.

OCASI is currently seeking to hire a content developer to update and revise these courses to reflect current realities and context of practice.

Please see below, the current online course material with a total of 9 modules that are divided into 2 Levels, FSW Level 1 and FSW Level 2.

FSW Level 1:
Module 1: A History of Settlement and Immigration
Module 2: The Evolution of Canadian Immigration Law and Policy
Module 3: Economic and Family Class Immigration to Ontario
Module 4: Refugees, Refugee Claimants, and People without Immigration Status in Ontario

FSW Level 2:
Module 1: Critical Frameworks for Understanding Work with Immigrants and Refugees
Module 2: Delivering Settlement Services in Ontario
Module 3: What Is Settlement Work
Module 4: Working through Structural Barriers to Settlement
Module 5: Social and Interpersonal Challenges and Supports for Newcomers to Ontario

Project goals

This RFP aims to hire a consultant or consultant team to update the content for the FSW’s two-level course for Service Providers in the immigrant and refugee serving sector. This Self-Directed E-learning course will provide resources and opportunities in the settlement services sector, frontline practitioners & community workers to improve existing services, specifically those who work with immigrants, refugees, and non-status individuals.

The updated content must reflect the current social, political, and immigration policy context impacting the lives of newcomers, immigrants and refugees and the service providers who support them. The consultant will be responsible for updating the course content to reflect the above changes and sharing promising practices to address the needs of newcomers, immigrants and refugees and the service providers through an intersectional lens.

The curriculum content must be engaging and informed by adult education principles and include interactive activities, quizzes, and case studies, allowing students to study independently.

Scope of Work

The contractor will:

❏ Review the current course content and identify the specific areas for development and updates
❏ Work with OCASI staff and an advisory committee to conduct a needs assessment and get feedback on the content of the training materials needed for service providers.
❏ Research emerging and innovative practices amongst service providers to address systemic
challenges immigrants and refugees face and their response to emerging trends.
❏ Direct the content to address social, political, immigration, and cultural shifts and systemic barriers related to housing, mental and physical health, violence and other vital issues impacting immigrants and refugees and their ability to integrate and participate meaningfully in their communities.
❏ Incorporate newcomer engagement strategies and center promising practices in settlement programming into the content development process.
❏ Based on the results of the needs assessment, revise and update 9 Modules in collaboration and consultation with OCASI staff and project advisory committee.
❏ Develop scenarios, discussion questions, assignments and course evaluation questions using
OCASI's internal course design format.
❏ Develop pre- and post-assessment tools to assess participants' learning needs and progress throughout self-directed learning.

Anticipated Project Schedule:
❏ Proposal submission due date - July 24, 2023 by 5:00 PM
❏ Anticipated decision and selection of consultants - July 31, 2023
❏ Anticipated start date of project work – August 2, 2023
❏ Project completion - January 31, 2024 A total budget will not exceed CAD 25.000 (which includes HST and other costs)

Required Qualification and Experience:

❏ In-depth Knowledge and Experience of issues faced by immigrants, refugees, and non-status individuals in Ontario
❏ Knowledge of the immigrant and refugee-serving sector in the Province of Ontario
❏ Experience and expertise in online course curriculum development and/or instructional design
❏ Expertise in adult education learning principles with proven abilities to integrate an intersectional, anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework
❏ Experience related to applied research and needs assessments within community-based and/or government-funded projects
❏ Project management skills, as evidenced through successful, on-time/on-budget completion of comparable projects
❏ Expertise in collaborative design and community-based research methodologies is considered an asset.

Here’s what to include in your proposal
The proposal should not exceed 6 pages. It should include a resume that outlines relevant qualifications and professional experiences of consultant(s). In addition, the proposal should include but not be limited to the following:
❏ Overview of the applicant’s understanding of the scope and requirements of the project
❏ A work plan that takes into account the deliverables and timelines
❏ A brief description of how the applicant plans to work with the OCASI staff and the project advisory committee
❏ Examples of prior work similar to this type of project
❏ 2 References directly related to comparable projects

We thank all applicants however only shortlisted individuals/organizations will be contacted. Please submit your applications by July 24, 2023, at 5 PM EST

OCASI Hiring Committee – FSW RFP