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Monday, November 30, 2020 - 5:00pm
Fixed date
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OCASI The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants invites qualified individuals/organizations to submit a proposal for a contract to amend existing content and to create new content for our PSI training and facilitators’ guide in English and French.

Organization Profile

OCASI was formed in 1978 to act as a collective voice for immigrant-serving agencies and to coordinate responses to shared needs and concerns. Its membership comprises more than 220 community-based organizations in the province of Ontario.

Project Overview

This work is part of OCASI’s Positive Spaces Initiative, which provides professional development, resources and other opportunities to the immigrant and refugee serving sector in Ontario to create more inclusive spaces and address the needs of LGBTQIA+ newcomers. PSI is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Since 2009, PSI has been committed to building organizational capacity within the immigrant and refugee serving sector to work more holistically with and for the betterment of LGBTQIA+ immigrants and refugees living in Ontario.

The existing content for our in-person training and online course was designed for settlement sector professionals who provide services to LGBTQIA+ immigrants and refugees. Our objective is to build sectoral capacity by raising awareness and deepening settlement sector professionals' understanding of the specific needs of gender and sexually diverse immigrants. Our PSI curriculum is composed of four modules which touch upon the following topics and approaches:

  • Introducing participants to key terminology and anti-oppressive concepts that respond to the needs of LGBTQIA+ newcomers
  • Inviting participants to critically reflect upon their agencies’ policies, practices and procedures
  • Accessing settlement services to ensure organizational systems are in compliance and working from a human rights framework
  • Sharing best practices in order to integrate LGBTQIA+ issues with resettlement services

All our modules follow an ARAO framework, and are supported with activities and resources that are evidence-based, intersectional, collaborative, and serve as a benchmark to systemic approaches to supporting LGBTQIA+ immigrants and refugees.

The purpose of this RFP is to amend and review our current English and French Level 1 course to reflect legislative changes, and to create new content for a both English and French Level 2, 3-Module training course. The successful candidate(s) will also be tasked with updating our current Level 1 Facilitators’ Guide to reflect amendments, and to create a Facilitators’ Guide for the Level 2 course. The updated content must reflect legislative, social, political, and economic changes since 2015 which impact the lives of LGBTQIA+ immigrant and refugee populations, and the service providers who support them. We envision the training will cover the following topics:

  • Issues of intersectionality to further develop critical thinking skills & build capacity of settlement practitioners
  • Strategizing resistance to change, confronting covert and overt biases, and building sustainable internal equity structures within the settlement sector
  • From theory to practice: Enhancing organizational systems to embody best practices for working with LGBTQIA+ immigrants and refugees

The curriculum will be used for both our in-person as well as through our online, self-directed platform, with interactive activities, quizzes, and case studies.

Scope of the Project

The contractor(s) will:

  • Conduct an Environmental Scan and needs assessment, in both English and French, to identify trends, issues, promising practices, etc. - the specific training needs of the settlement workers will be identified using surveys, interviews, and focus groups. There will be 2-3 interviews with experts on LGBTQIA+ newcomer issues in the immigrant and refugee serving sector. There will also be 1-2 focus groups with frontline service providers. The needs assessment should cover;
    • Changes at the legislative and policy level that impact the settlement and integration journey of LGBTQIA+ immigrants and refugees
    • Emerging and innovative practices amongst service providers to address systemic challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ immigrants and refugees and respond to emerging trends
    • Social, economic, and cultural shifts within Ontario, and Canada, that impact LGBTQIA+ immigrants and refugees, and their ability to integrate and participate meaningfully in their communities
  • Develop the PSI training curriculum for both in-person and online, self-directed, in both English and French - based on the result of the need assessment. This will include an overall learning objective for the whole series as well as learning objectives for each of the 3 modules. Develop scenarios, discussion questions, interactive activities and assignments for the course
  • The contractor(s) will also work collaboratively with PSI’s Advisory Committee and PSI Staff to develop the content of the training. Feedback will be solicited from the Advisory Group at various stages of the process and incorporated into the needs assessment and content design
  • Working in collaboration with the project evaluator and project staff, develop pre and post-assessment tools to allow participants to gauge their own learning needs and progress throughout both in-person and online, self-directed learning
  • Modify and update course content after the pilot training
  • In collaboration with OCASI staff, support the overall design of the in-person and online, self-directed curriculum


  • Submissions Due - Monday, November 30th, 2020
  • Agreement Signed – Tuesday, December 14th, 2020
  • Work Completion – Monday, March 20th, 2021


A total budget will not exceed CAD $25,000.00 (which includes HST and other costs)

Selection Criteria

  • Experience and expertise in curriculum development and/or instructional design
  • Experience and expertise in online and/or distance learning, involving the use of pedagogical methods
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in issues faced by LGBTQIA+ newcomers (both Francophone and Anglophone) in Ontario, from an intersectional perspective
  • An understanding of adult education learning principles, with proven abilities to integrate an anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework
  • Knowledge of the Anglophone and Francophone immigrant and refugee-serving sector in the Province of Ontario
  • Experience related to applied research and needs assessments within communitybased and/or government-funded projects
  • Experience with collaborative design and community-based research methodologies is considered an asset
  • Project management skills, as evidenced through successful, on-time/on-budget completion of comparable projects
  • Applicant’s history and track record managing assignments of a similar size and scope
  • Level of understanding of the assignment overall and completeness of proposed plan and vision for the project
  • Extent to which the proposed methodology, work-plan, and deliverables reflect the purpose and scope of the project
  • Consistency between proposed work-plan, timeframe, and budget
  • Experience and qualifications of consultant(s)


The proposal should not exceed 6 pages and should include a résumé that outlines relevant qualifications and professional experiences. In addition, the proposal should include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Overview of the applicant’s understanding of the scope and requirements of the project
  • A work plan that takes into account the deliverables and implementation timelines
  • A brief description of how the applicant plans to work with the OCASI staff
  • Examples of prior work similar to this type of project
  • 2 References directly related to comparable projects.

Please submit your applications by November 30th, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. EST to:

OCASI Hiring Committee – PSI RFP


Please put the following in the subject line: PSI Content Development RFP

Please direct all questions to either Sizwe Inkingi at or Joselynn Crosby at

Thank you to all applications, however, only shortlisted individuals/organizations will be contacted.