IT Trainer to train PMC staff for effective use of computer software tools to enhance virtual services

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Peel Multicultural Council
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Friday, June 25, 2021 - 5:00pm
Fixed date
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Since March 2020, PMC has been offering its services virtually and has noticed the additional need for investment in technology training and equipment to improve service delivery and overcome technological barriers. This investment is necessary to address COVID-19 and post COVID-19 service delivery, as we will be moving from virtual services to somewhat of a hybrid of virtual and in-person services from 2020-21 to 2021-22 and beyond. PMC has determined to improve its digital service capabilities; therefore, it needs to enhance the skills of its staff. The objective of the staff training is to enhance the use of platforms for more efficient service delivery and content creation: Staff will be provided training to enhance their digital literacy and use of various virtual platforms. To improve contents and presentations, staff will be provided training in Microsoft Office suite, especially Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint.


Series of training workshops for enhancing skills in the use of following for 30 plus staff:
1. Microsoft Office, especially Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint to enhance quality contents and their presentations, handouts and other publications provided to PMC clients.
2. Ability to use different virtual platforms and maximize their utility and effectiveness in classroom, small meetings, large meetings and one-on-one counseling.

The IT Trainer will conduct 42 Training Sessions consisting of 84 training hours, with a maximum of 15 participants per session. PMC expects 30 staff to be trained in effective use of computer technology and provision of virtual services.
The IT Trainer will provide the training in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Initial Training session of Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint and effective use of virtual platforms.
Phase 2: Follow-up training and evaluation.

How To Apply

Completed proposals must be submitted electronically in MS Word or PDF Format to:

Naveed Chaudhry
PMC Executive Director
Please reference: Staff Training

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Chaudhry Naveed