Metcalf Foundation Opportunities Fund

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The goal of the Opportunities Fund is to improve the economic livelihoods of Toronto’s working poor through strategies that:

  • make precarious jobs better (raising the floor) and support the upward mobility of workers (building ladders);
  • reduce barriers for low-income entrepreneurs and alternative business models; and
  • leverage the capacity of neighbourhoods to improve the economic livelihoods of low-income residents.

An equitable local economy is a complex challenge that requires multiple, well-aligned efforts by many partners, including business, labour, residents, non-profits, entrepreneurs, academics, advocates and governments. Metcalf encourages applications from collaborative groups and organizations whose ideas are grounded and informed by practice. Our aim is to help develop approaches, strategies, and policies that can create sustainable economic opportunities and improve the economic livelihoods of low-income people. The Foundation is committed to fostering connections and learning alongside its grantees.


Organizations may apply individually or in collaboration with others. Lead applicants must:

  • be committed to improving outcomes for low-income people and communities,
  • be based and active within the City of Toronto; and
  • be registered as a charity through the Canada Revenue Agency

For more information and details on how to apply please click here