RFP: Communications Consultancy

Deadline date: 
Friday, March 15, 2019 - 12:00pm
Fixed date
RFP status: 

A. Purpose of the Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Regional Diversity Roundtable of Peel Region (RDR Peel) is seeking proposals from experienced and qualified consultants interested in developing an integrated Communications, Media and Outreach Strategy for the organization, including its flagship Diversity & Inclusion Charter Initiative and Community Leadership Program.

B. Background: Regional Diversity Roundtable

The Regional Diversity Roundtable (RDR Peel) is a charitable not-for-profit membership organization committed to building inclusion and diversity competence that results in institutionalizing equity in the core values, structures, workforces, policies and services of Peel Region’s public and human services sectors.

Vision: To promote respect and equity within organizations and institutions for an inclusive and harmonious community

Mission: To be a leader in supporting organizations and institutions to be diverse and equitable in order to provide services that are fair, inclusive and culturally appropriate

Values: Diversity • Equity • Inclusion • Respect • Social Justice

C. Background: ‘Diversity & Inclusion Charter’ & ‘Community Leadership Program’

In response to growing opportunities and challenges in one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, the D&I Charter (or just the Charter) is a local initiative to foster inclusion and equity in the community. The Charter and its supporting Backgrounder and Guidelines were developed through extensive community consultations.

Launched in 2013, the Charter aims to ensure the full inclusion of all who live, work and play in Peel Region.

Phases 1 and 2 of the D&I Charter took place from 2011 to 2016. More information about the first two phases — as well as the Phase 2 Project Evaluation Executive Summary — can be found at the D&I Charter website.

Phase 3 included a pilot launch of the first ‘Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative’ (CELI).

Phase 4 (Community Leadership Program, CLP 2019-2020) builds on Phase 3 and is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

D. Stakeholder Participation

The fulfillment of this project will require participation and inputs from RDR’s staff and board, as well as inputs from key segments, e.g., signatory members of the D&I Charter, RDR members, and other stakeholders (program participants, trainings clients, subscribers, etc.).

E. Communications & Outreach Consultancy Outputs

In direct consultation with RDR Peel staff, the consultant(s) will:

  • Produce a Communications, Media and Outreach Strategy that clarifies RDR’s story and purpose, strategizes a process to build name recognition, and develops a clearly identifiable ‘look and feel’ to RDR’s online and print outputs. (Note: current logos, colour
    pallets and official names will not be changed)
  • The strategy should analyze and recommend future directions regarding RDR Peel’s consolidated identity; its connection to our various programs and initiatives; and rationalize and harmonize our branding and communications vehicles and channels
  • The strategy must include the development and re-design of the current website (which includes a closed interactive portal), with a cohesive and simplified site-mapping, upgrades and updates to the RDR Peel website. The redesign will result in a homepage that allows quick updating of dynamic content by RDR staff, and that envisions a homepage structure that allows us to grow and promote future initiatives
  • As part of the Communications, Media and Outreach Strategy, conduct analysis and design an overall online and offline engagement plan:
    • that clarifies the target audience(s), purpose and reach of each online communication vehicle (website, Alumni platform, newsletters, and social media channels)
    • rationalizes and streamlines our virtual communications channels with progress monitoring mechanisms; and
    • lays out a media engagement strategy that targets local print, web and TV media, both ethnic and mainstream
    • Develop a short, accessible video (no longer than 5 minutes’) that tells the RDR Peel story in a clear and simple way

F. Projected Timelines & Milestones

  • 21 Months’ consultancy: April 2019 - December 2020
  • Start Date: 01 April 2019
  • Interim Report: November/December 2019
  • Final Report: 01 December 2020
  • Project End Date: 31 December 2020

G. Remuneration

The maximum available funding for this external evaluation is 20,000 CAD (including taxes and costs). The funds will be disbursed in four installments, the first to be paid upon the signing of the contract and the fourth upon final delivery of the Communications, Media and Outreach Strategy.

H. Selection Criteria

  • RDR Peel invites proposals from suitably qualified individuals and firms with substantial consultancy experience in marketing, media, communications, network engagement and outreach in the nonprofit or civil society sector.
  • Additionally, RDR Peel is especially interested in proposals that demonstrate deep understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion issues, and ideally also a knowledge of Universal Design principles: disability rights; and equity, accessibility and inclusion.
  • Proposals from consultancies with demonstrated commitment to DEI principles within their own firms or from consultants with lived experience of barriers to inclusion will be prioritized.
  • The selection of the successful proposal will be based on the quality of the proposal, the profile of the proposed team, and cost. Proposals will be assessed using the following criteria and weighting:

Criteria - Weighting %

  • Proposed methodology (relevance, logic, rigour, practicality, creativity) - 45%
  • Project workplan (clarity, fit with timetable, resource allocation) - 15%
  • CV/Team profile (as per evaluation requirements) - 15%
  • Sample report (clarity, relevance) portfolio of relevant work - 15%
  • Demonstration of internal DEI policies and commitments and/or lived experience of barriers to inclusion and equity - 10%

I. Application Requirements

Please provide the following information in your application no later than 15 March 2019:

  • Detailed Communications, Media & Outreach Strategy proposal, including a workplan and proposed methodology, with projected timeline and budget
  • Detailed CV or Team Profiles, as applicable
  • Sample of a previous Marketing & Communications / Communications & Outreach Communications & Network Engagement Strategy report for non-profit or civic sector client
  • 3 recent references for relevant projects (Please include links to portfolios or relevant marketing projects with CV or team profiles.)

All submissions must be sent in PDF or Word format to RDR Peel ED Varsha Naik. chair[at] regionaldiversityroundtable.org; subject line “RDR Communications RFP”.

Please contact Saira Zuberi, saira[at] regionaldiversityroundtable.org (905-232-7071 x 7061) for any other questions.