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Monday, March 25, 2019 - 5:00pm
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OCASI - Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and Refugee 613 invites qualified individuals/organizations to submit a proposal for a contract to facilitate 3 collaborative design workshops for the Allies in Refugee Integration: New Tools for Settlement-Sponsorship Teamwork Project.

Organization Profile

OCASI was formed in 1978 to act as a collective voice for immigrant serving agencies and to coordinate responses to shared needs and concerns. Its membership is comprised of more than 220 community-based organizations in the province of Ontario. OCASI asserts the right of all persons to participate fully and equitably in the social, cultural, political and economic life of Ontario.

Refugee 613 is a communications hub that informs, connects and inspires people to welcome refugees and build strong communities. Our grassroots initiative was created in 2015 by a network of community partners, led by settlement providers and sponsorship facilitators, and has since grown into an established resource for information, training, innovation and events for refugee newcomers and those who support and welcome them.

Project Overview

The Allies in Refugee Integration project is a three-year project funded by IRCC under the Settlement Program Service Delivery Improvements (SDI) funding stream. The SDI funding encourages innovation through experimentation by allocating funds to activities that test new approaches to service delivery, in an effort to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of settlement programs. Specifically, IRCC is seeking information on the effectiveness of settlement services, as well as evidence-based methods for improving service delivery. They recognize the value of implementing projects that generate best practices, identify lessons learned, and encourage service improvements that can be applied across the sector by various stakeholders, with a primary focus on settlement program clients.

The Allies in Refugee Integration project aims to improve settlement outcomes of privately sponsored refugees by increasing and strengthening collaboration between settlement service providers and refugee sponsorship groups in Ontario. We believe that settlement service delivery can be improved with the help of innovative interventions and tools that will build mutual trust between service providers and refugee sponsors, increase engagement with local service providers and enable service providers and refugee sponsors to work more seamlessly together. With a focus on driving innovation, this project aims to identify, develop and test innovative tools for collaboration and teamwork. Led by OCASI in close partnership with Refugee 613, the project engages service providers, sponsors, formerly sponsored refugees and other stakeholders to ensure their voices shape the problem definition and design of solutions.

For more information about the project, see: http://ocasi.org/allies-refugee-integration


The scope of work requires an experienced, dynamic facilitator to work with the ARI project team to design, implement and report on the results of three one-day workshops featuring participants from key stakeholder groups.

Design Workshops

The ARI project has three phases: 1) identification of promising practices and gaps/challenges in settlement-sponsor collaboration through research, 2) development of ideas to address challenges in collaboration through collaborative, multi-stakeholder design workshops, and 3) testing of shortlisted ideas through tool development and pilots. Knowledge dissemination and the sharing of lessons learned are also key components of the project. The role of the Consultant during this second phase is to use human-centred design to foster mutual understanding, build stronger connections and generate ideas that can be turned into pilot projects in the third phase of ARI.

The responsibility of the Consultant will be to work with ARI Project staff at OCASI and Refugee 613 to design and facilitate the collaborative design workshops in at least three communities (tentatively Toronto, Ottawa and Kitchener) and to produce a report on the workshop findings. The intention is for the workshops to bring together multiple stakeholder groups to work together in new and different ways, laying the groundwork for new perspectives and relationships. Because the ARI Project proposes to strengthen relationships between stakeholders, the workshops themselves are a crucial early opportunity to foster teamwork and will be evaluated not only for their outputs, but also for how much participating in the workshops enhanced participants’ understanding of different perspectives and challenges.

Additionally, it is important for the collaborative design workshops to be designed and facilitated in an equitable manner so that all stakeholders are able to participate. Due to the nature of this project, participants may have linguistic and/or cultural barriers to full engagement, or power dynamics between specific stakeholders may impact the discussion. The Consultant should seek to identify and address these potential points of tension and put in place measures to allow full participation in the process.

The Consultant will also draft a report on the outcomes of each workshop, specifically highlighting the pilot ideas developed during the day and lessons learned through the process.


  • Workshop format design: April 22, 2019
  • Workshops facilitated: To occur during the month of May, all completed by June 3, 2019
  • Final report: July 1, 2019


Proposals should not exceed 5 pages and must include:

  • A summary of the proposed process for designing the workshops, addressing the specific contexts and challenges highlighted above
  • A detailed work plan outlining the design and planning activities to be completed and a schedule for reports and deliverables according to timelines
  • A complete and detailed budget summary
  • A CV, outline of relevant qualifications and experience, references, and samples of similar work
  • A statement of how the consultant understands issues of confidentiality as applied


  • Total budget will not exceed $18,000 including HST, travel costs and incidentals.

Qualifications Required

  • Proven track record of conducting projects of a similar scope
  • Extensive experience related to human-centred design, user experience, facilitation of design sprints or workshops, particularly with community-based initiatives and/or government-funded projects
  • Proven experience in community-based design
  • Demonstrated experience in integrating anti-oppression into workshop design
  • Strong knowledge of immigrant, refugee serving organizations in Ontario
  • Knowledge and understanding of the refugee sponsorship program and equity and access issues pertaining to refugees and other newcomers would be an asset
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, including strong report writing and presentation skills

How to apply:

Please submit your applications by March 25, 2019 at 5:00 p.,. to:

OCASI Hiring Committee – Allies in Refugee Integration Project Evaluation

E-mail: rfp@ocasi.org

Please put the following in the subject line: Allies in Refugee Integration Workshop Facilitation Consultant RFP

Interviews will be conducted March 28, 2019 or April 1, 2019 (exact date/time TBC)

Thank you to all applicants however only short-listed individuals/organizations will be contacted.