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Future-proof: Preparing Young Canadians for the Future of Work

A new report, Future-proof: Preparing young Canadians for the future of work, found that 42 per cent of the Canadian labour force is at a high risk of being affected by automation in the next 10 to 20 years. Young Canadians are okay with that: they want to be the disruptors and make the future workforce more creative and productive.

Support to Expand and Improve Non-Profit Programming and Services

Ontario is helping more than 100 non-profit organizations expand and improve their programs and services for more than 350,000 people and build stronger communities across the province.

One of the organizations the province is supporting is the Lakeside HOPE House. The support is aimed at helping more than 60 low-income people through its Circles ® program. Program volunteers help individuals and their families become more financially independent by offering emotional and practical support and connecting them to resources and training, for example preparing for job interviews.

Steps to Improve Transparency and Accountability in Police Oversight

After extensive consultation with more than 1,500 people from across the province, an independent review of Ontario's police oversight system led to a final report that includes 129 recommendations to help Ontario transform police oversight so it is more transparent and accountable, and has the confidence of both the public and the police.