Settlement services offered to Ukrainians arriving at three airports in Canada

The Canadian Press

Published by the Canadian Press on April 13, 2022. To read the full article, please go through this link:


Settlement agencies across the country have joined forces to support Ukrainians arriving through a federal emergency program at three airports, Canada's immigration minister said Tuesday.

They have been arriving at the Toronto and Edmonton international airports since April 1, and in Vancouver since April 8.

Fraser said most of the applicants are now in Warsaw or Berlin and many may settle in Canada temporarily while they have access to services like language training, child care and help finding a job.

Many of the new arrivals could end up in Western Canada because of their connections to that part of the country, he said.

"I wouldn't be surprised, at the end of the day, if we see a significant number of people end up going to smaller communities in the Prairie provinces."

About 80,000 refugees have already been resettled in Canada, he said.


To read the full article, please go through this link:

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