English for Financial Literacy: Volumes 1 - 3

Toronto Catholic District School Board


English for Financial Literacy is an instructor’s resource for teaching financial literacy concepts and skills in LINC and adult ESL programs at CLB levels 1 to 8. The main objective of English for Financial Literacy is to help instructors incorporate financial literacy content into their program planning and teaching, and support them in learning about key topics and concepts related to financial matters.

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Volume One

Zip file of all MP3s, 30MBs
Track 01: Introduction
Track 02: Banking, Parts F and G
Track 03: Writing cheques, Part G
Track 04: Credit cards, parts G and H
Track 05: Government and taxes, Part F
Track 06: Sales tax, Part D
Track 07: Income tax, Part D
Track 08: A shopping list, Part E
Track 09: A grocery receipt, Part I
Track 10: How much will it cost? Part A
Track 11: How much will it cost? Part B
Track 12: Reading sale signs, Part D
Track 13: Protect your ID, Part E
Track 14: Buying tenant insurance, Part D
Track 15: Buying tenant insurance, Part F
Track 16: Apprenticeship Incentive Grant, Parts F and H
Track 17: Martin goes to university, Part F
Track 18: Martin goes to university, Part G
Track 19: Back-to-school budget, Parts F and G
Track 20: Work and pay, Part H
Track 21: Rents in Canada, Part B
Track 22: Rents in Canada, Part C
Track 23: Income and rent, Part B

Volume Two

Zip file of all MP3s, 70MBs
Track 01: Information
Track 02: Bank Accounts, Part E
Track 03: Bank statement, Part E
Track 04: Taxes in Canada, Part G
Track 05: Income Tax, Part E
Track 06: Calculating Personal Income Tax, Parts D and E
Track 07: Government Pension Benefits, Part C
Track 08: At the Checkout, Parts B and C
Track 09: Safe Online Shopping, Parts C and D
Track 10: Online Shopping in Canada, Parts E and F
Track 11: False Advertising: Too good to be true, Part H
Track 12: Phishing Emails, Part E
Track 13: Recognizing Scams, Part H
Track 14: Recognizing Scams, Part I
Track 15: How Insurance Works, Part E
Track 16: Buying Extended Health Insurance, Part B
Track 17: Buying Auto Insurance, Part C
Track 18: Job Training: Getting Financial Help, Part B
Track 19: College is Expensive, Part C
Track 20: A Student Budget, Part E
Track 21: Student Loans, Part E
Track 22: Getting Paid, Part F
Track 23: Getting Paid, Part H
Track 24: Starting Your Own Business, Parts F and G

Volume Three

Zip file of all MP3s, 84MBs
Track 01: Information
Track 02: Credit Cards, Part C
Track 03: Credit Cards, Part L
Track 04: Debt, Part J
Track 05: Filing an Income Tax Return, Part D
Track 06: Canada’s Public Pension Benefits, Part D
Track 07: Buying Big Ticket Items, Part H
Track 08: Negotiating Prices, Part E
Track 09: How to Haggle, Part B
Track 10: Contracts – What You Should Know, Part E
Track 11: Gym Memberships, Part C
Track 12: Gym Memberships, Part F
Track 13: How Insurance Works, Parts E and F
Track 14: Financing Post-secondary Education, Parts C and D
Track 15: RESPs – Consumer Information, Part B
Track 16: RESP – Consumer Information, Part E
Track 17: RESP – Investment Options, Part B
Track 18: Getting Paid, Part F
Track 19: Starting Your Own Business, Part B
Track 20: Renting vs. Buying a Home, Part E
Track 21: Costs of Owning a Home: Part B
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