Indigenous business development toolkit

Government of Ontario

Indigenous business development toolkit

If you’re an Indigenous person thinking about starting or expanding a business, this toolkit has been developed with you in mind. Whether you live on-reserve, in a small town, or in a large city, this toolkit provides business development supports, tools and information to help you start and operate a successful business.

This toolkit is designed to help you explore the many things you need to think about, research and undertake when starting a business. In each chapter, you'll find helpful information, checklists and questions for you to consider. If you're thinking about starting a business, begin with Chapter One. If you already own a business, you could refer to the table of contents and determine which chapter focuses on your particular area of interest.

As you read through the toolkit, you'll see suggestions of what to think about and write down so that you can refer to them later. It can be helpful to organize your thoughts and ideas in a notebook or a file folder.

The toolkit includes the following chapters:



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