Government of Canada supports initiative to address workplace sexual harassment and improve access to justice in Canada


March 3, 2021 – Ottawa, Ontario – Department of Justice Canada

Creating and maintaining workplaces where everyone – no matter their gender identity or expression – can be safe, respected and able to focus on their work is a priority for the Government of Canada.
The Minister of Justice announced the Government of Canada’s support to Botler AI for the Pan-Canadian Triage System for Sexual Harassment, Misconduct & Violence.

Botler AI has created an artificial intelligence system that anonymously sorts sexual misconduct complaints across Canada based on the details of individual situations and provides users with a personalized set of resources relevant to their own case. The process also references the appropriate laws at both the federal and provincial or territorial level, based on the location of the incident, allowing victims of sexual harassment to access the legal information they need.

Botler AI is a company that focuses on utilizing technology to develop products in the legal space and increase legal education. The Department of Justice Canada is providing $371,000 over five years in funding to Botler AI for this project.

Today’s announcement is part of the Budget 2018’s $50 million over five years of funding to address workplace sexual harassment. Of this amount, $25 million is dedicated to organizations so that they can increase their ability to provide legal advice and information to support complainants of sexual harassment in the workplace. Another $25 million is dedicated to organizations to enable them to provide public legal education and information to workers.

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