Responding to Intimate Partner Violence: Refugee Assistance Program Workers Relaunch

Refugee women sometimes experience intimate partner violence. Do you know how pre-migration and migration trauma can impact the safety of refugee women and their families? Do you know how to work collaboratively with violence against women experts in your community? Does your organization have policies and protocols in place to help you respond safely and effectively to situations of intimate partner violence?

Rexdale Women's Centre in partnership with Western University and OCASI developed the Responding to Intimate Partner Violence: Refugee Assistance Workers Program to help violence prevention workers learn about intimate partner violence and how they can effectively and safely support refugee women who are experiencing abuse or who are at risk of experiencing abuse. The training was well-received by violence prevention experts and women’s organizations and was used to develop proactive protocols and provide staff with indispensable training.

To maintain the current web security standards and to continue to offer this valuable training resource to organizations, RWC is relaunching the RAP program on THINKIFIC, a user-friendly platform designed to deliver online courses.

We hope that you will accept our invitation to take advantage of this free training for yourself or your organization to help standardize your RAP workers' approach to aiding female refugee survivors of violence.

A special thank you to IRCC for past and current monumental support of this initiative and program.

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