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Mei-ling Wiedmeyer and Omar Chu: All people who live and work in Canada should have access to health care

Mei-ling Wiedmeyer and Omar Chu Vancouver Sun Oct 18, 2022  

An estimated one in five British Columbians do not have a primary care provider, and some have gone to desperate lengths to find one. These stories are heartbreaking, and we think that everyone living in B.C. deserves access to health care.

Ottawa Public Health confronts systemic racism, initiates action plan for reform

By Gail Pope Capital Current October 17, 2022

A report examining systemic racism within Ottawa Public Health has highlighted various challenges faced by racialized employees at the City of Ottawa agency that’s leading local efforts to fight COVID-19 and bring greater “health equity” to the capital’s BIPOC communities.

Newmarket program assists youth experiencing anti-Black racism

Newmarket Today Staff 17 October 2022

On Saturday, MPP Dawn Gallagher Murphy met with the team at the Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association (NACCA) to hear more about the impact that a six-month $49,600 Resilient Communities Fund grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) has had on delivering an innovative mental wellness program for Black youth, led by Black youth.

Afghans languish in hotel rooms while Ukrainian refugees are quickly settled: advocate

Bill Kaufmann Oct 11, 2022 

Refugees, primarily those from Afghanistan, are being stranded in Calgary hotels due to skyrocketing rents, limits to assistance and racism, says an advocate helping newcomers.

“We’re seeing factors of systemic racism . . . When people are asked, ‘would you take in an Afghan family’ and they say ‘no,’ there’s issues with that,” said Lee Yuen.

Cap on international students' working hours should be permanently lifted: advocates

 Laura Osman | National Observer | October 12th 2022

A new pilot project to lift the cap on the number of hours international students can work should be made permanent, say advocates who have spent years asking for the change.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced last Friday the federal government would temporarily remove the 20-hour cap on the number of hours international students can work off-campus to address labour shortages.

Quebec wants more immigration powers from Ottawa, but does it really need them?

Cindy Sherwin CTV News Oct. 11, 2022

Even though Canada's prime minister has repeatedly shut the door, Francois Legault keeps on knocking, intent on winning more control over immigration from the federal government.

As with many past leaders in Quebec, it's been a regular refrain of his, dating back well before the provincial election on Oct. 3.

But is there substance to the claim that Quebec needs more autonomy on immigration?

International students enticed to Canada on dubious promises of jobs and immigration

Nazim Baksh, Lisa Ellenwood, Mark Kelley, Satbir Singh Aulakh · CBC News · Posted: Oct 13, 2022

Dilpreet Kaur's parents were worried it would be difficult for her to find a job in her home state of Punjab, India, where her father toils long, lonely hours as a rice and wheat farmer. She, too, felt there was no future for her there.

Prominent Afghan women's rights activist denied refugee admission into Canada, upsetting sponsors

CTV News Oct. 13, 2022

In one of the latest disappointments in Canada’s efforts to aid Afghan refugees, a prominent Afghan women’s activist has had her temporary resident permit application denied, seemingly because of a bureaucratic mistake.

Bessa Whitmore and Sharen Craig have been working for seven months to bring Farzana Adell Ghadiya to the safety of Ottawa.

Don’t speak English or French? In Hamilton, you might earn 57 per cent less than people who do

Ritika Dubey Spectator Reporter Thu., Oct. 13, 2022

If your English or French is weak, you might be earning 57 per cent less than Hamiltonians with better linguistic skills, according to the latest census data.

The fluency of official languages in Hamilton strongly reflected on people’s income, 2021 census data showed. While the majority of the Hamilton population — over 90 per cent — know and speak English, about two per cent don’t speak either of the official languages.

Ottawa working on program to regularize status of 500,000 immigrants

CBC News · Posted: Oct 07, 2022

The federal government is aiming to create a program that will provide a path to permanent residency for up to 500,000 immigrants who are working in Canada but do not have official standing. 

The program would have unprecedented scope and apply to people whose visa or work permits had expired, and to those whose refugee applications may have been denied or blocked due to a moratorium on deportations to their country, according to Radio-Canada.