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Ottawa extends, expands work permit program for Hong Kong residents

Aaron D’Andrea Global News February 6, 2023

Ottawa has extended and expanded a work permit program for Hong Kong residents seeking jobs in Canada as advocates warned thousands could be shut out with its expiry.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced Monday that the federal government was extending the application deadline for the temporary three-year open work permit to Feb. 7, 2025. It was set to expire Tuesday.

TD strikes deal with Canada immigration site as newcomers surge

Kevin Orland, Bloomberg News January 31, 2023

Gerry Butts, vice chair of Eurasia Group and former principal secretary to the prime minister of Canada, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the inclusion of Canada in Eurasia Group's Top Risks 2023 report. Butts speaks about the risks Canada faces from China and from growing divisiveness in the United States, and also mentions the advantages Canada has which other countries do not.

She came to Hamilton after escaping war in Ukraine — now she's helping others do the same

Bobby Hristova · CBC News · Posted: Feb 02, 2023

A month after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Hanna Trofimova said she had a deadly dilemma on her hands.

"My idea was to stay there because I felt sorry for my husband — he's still there — but his idea was to go as far as possible ... because we have two kids," the 46-year-old Ukrainian told CBC Hamilton.

Why doesn’t Canada treat Afghan refugees like Ukrainians? Because they aren’t ‘white and Christian,’ complaint alleges

Stephanie Levitz The Star Fri., Feb. 3, 2023

OTTAWA – Afghan-Canadians are formally accusing the federal government of discrimination over the difference between immigration programs for Afghans and Ukrainians trying to flee violence in their home countries.

Why immigration detainee who died in custody had ‘no end date’ on stay in jail

Nicholas Keung  The Star Wed., Feb. 1, 2023

There was no timeline to get Abdurahman Ibrahim Hassan out of jail and out of this country.

The immigration detainee was being held at the provincial jail in Lindsay, Ont., as he awaited deportation from Canada.

He’d been there since losing a final court appeal in November 2013.