New census data shows top original languages spoken by Mississauga residents


Steve Pecar insauga January 16, 2023

There are now more residents in Mississauga whose mother tongue is not one of Canada’s official languages.

The latest data released by Statistics Canada (StatCan) shows that combined, 328,130 people in Mississauga now list languages other than English or French as their mother tongue.

English and French combined are listed by 326,820 residents as their original languages.

The data comes as StatCan releases information collected during the 2021 census.

But while the mother tongue may indicate the ethnic origin of residents, English is still the main language spoken at home. The data shows that 442,265 say that English is the predominant language spoken at home. Of the respondents, 197,295 said that a language other than English or French was spoken at home.

Here, then, are the top mother tongue languages of Mississauga residents:

  1. English – 320,640
  2. Urdu – 35,995
  3. Arabic – 33,263
  4. Mandarin – 23,180
  5. Polish – 22,270
  6. Punjabi – 20,690
  7. Tagalog – 18,325
  8. Portuguese – 17,050
  9. Spanish – 15,765
  10. Yue (Cantonese) – 14,850
  11. Hindi – 11,685
  12. Vietnamese – 10,355
  13. Tamil – 10,275
  14. Italian – 10,260
  15. French – 6,180

Other languages that are spoken in smaller amounts include Bilen (Eritrea), Krio (Sierra Leone), Welsh (Wales), Rundi (Burundi) and Gikuyu (Kenya).

A wealth of other statistics about Mississauga concerning languages, income, ancestry, and immigration can be found here along with the latest data released by Statistics Canada.

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