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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Global Affairs Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre

IRCC: Federal resources regarding Iranian tragedy PS752

Friends and relatives in Canada seeking information about Canadian citizens who were on board flight PS752 should contact Global Affairs Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre.

Consular Assistance

Canadians affected by the tragedy and requiring consular assistance, and friends and relatives seeking information about Canadian citizens believed to have been on board flight PS752, should contact Global Affairs Canada using the most appropriate of the following options.

Assistance with urgent travel related to flight PS752

Assistance will be provided to those who need to travel to Iran, who need travel documents on an urgent basis or those who may need to remain in Canada temporarily. Assistance will also be provided to family members who may need to travel to Canada for funerals or to handle personal affairs of victims and need a visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) on an urgent basis.

IRCC has set up dedicated phone lines and a dedicated email address to provide assistance to individuals in these circumstances.
As of 9 a.m. EST on January 11, 2020 the number to call:

  • Canada or the U.S. is 1-833-864-2831
  • From anywhere else in the world, 1-438-843-2029.
  • Individuals can email us at

Hours of operation
Weekends: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST
Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST

Special measures for temporary residents and other foreign nationals

If you qualify, these fees will be waived:

  • Temporary resident visa (TRV) ($100)
  • Temporary resident visa – maximum fee per family ($500)
  • Temporary resident permit ($200)
  • Restoration of temporary resident status ($200)
  • Extension of authorization to remain in Canada as a temporary resident ($100)
  • Biometrics fee ($85)
  • Biometrics fee – maximum fee per family $170)


Financial assistance

The Government of Canada will give families of the victims who are Canadian citizens and permanent residents $25,000 per victim to assist with their immediate needs.

  • Consular officials are contacting affected families directly to explain the process.

Legal information and resources

Pro Bono Ontario has a dedicated national 1-800 line that will connect callers from anywhere in Canada to a lawyer who can provide legal information and advice.  

  • The toll-free number 1-855-255-7256

Website link:

Air travel discounts

Air Canada and their partners at Qatar Airways have been facilitating travel for those wishing to travel from Canada to Iran or from Iran to Canada. 

Air Canada: 1-888-247-2262
Website link:

Qatar Airways:

Canada Strong Campaign for the Victims of Flight 752

Campaign to collect funds for the victims of Flight 752.

Website link:

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