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In Ontario, the government sets rules and laws for over 100 professions and trades in the province. This helps to protect the health and safety of workers and the public.

Here are some things you should know about professions and trades in Ontario.

Regulated professions

If your profession or trade is regulated, it means that in order to work and use your job title, you must:

  • have a license or certificate
  • be registered with the proper regulatory body

Check with the regulatory body to find out if you’re allowed to do some work without a license or certificate.

Regulatory bodies

A regulatory body is an organization that oversees a regulated profession or trade. You must apply to one if you want to work in that profession or trade.

Regulatory bodies:

  • set the standards that all workers need to meet
  • assess the qualifications and credentials of applicants
  • register qualified applicants
  • discipline members who break the rules

Non-regulated professions and trades

Professions not regulated by law may have professional associations that you can join. These are not mandatory to join.

These provide certification courses and registration that might allow you to find work more easily.

Services for you

We can help you get the qualifications you need to practice your profession or trade in Ontario through Global Experience Ontario and the Ontario Bridge Training Program.

Global Experience Ontario

Global Experience Ontario (GEO) is an information and referral centre that can help you learn how to become licensed or certified to work in a regulated profession and skilled trade.

This does not include the health field, such as a nurses, doctors or dentists. Visit Health Force Ontario’s Access Centre for information and assistance.

Who should use GEO

Contact Global Experience Ontario if you’re an immigrant in a regulated profession or skilled trade, before or after you arrive in Ontario.

Service providers who work with internationally trained immigrants can also contact Global Experience Ontario for information and support.


Global Experience Ontario offers webinars and workshops on topics like:

  • the licensing or certification process
  • getting your credentials assessed
  • employment and training programs
  • getting financial assistance
  • English and French language training
  • joining professional networks
  • mentorship and internship programs

Find GEO webinars

Global Experience Ontario provides services:

  • by phone
  • by email

More information

You can visit our Facebook page for more information or contact Global Experience Ontario:

Ontario Bridge Training Program

Get fast access to training and support so you can get a licence or certificate and find employment.

These programs are designed to “bridge” your international training, education and experience with what you need to practice in Ontario.

Training programs are run by not-for-profit organizations including:

  • universities and publicly-funded colleges
  • occupational regulatory bodies
  • community agencies
  • employer organizations

Who should use the program

Bridge training programs are for immigrants who have international training and experience.

To be eligible for bridge training, you must:

  • be a permanent resident, convention refugee or refugee claimant (Immigrants who have become Canadian citizens are also eligible)
  • have a post-secondary certificate or degree from outside Canada
  • have international work experience in a profession or trade

International students and temporary foreign workers are not eligible.

What you’ll get from the program

You can get:

  • an assessment of your education and skills
  • clinical or job placements to help you get Canadian workplace experience
  • skills or academic training
  • licence or certification exam preparation
  • language training related to your profession or trade
  • learning plans to see if you need more training

Find bridge training programs by profession, trade or sector.

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