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This Canadian pilot project is helping newcomers learn English through the power of VR

Mouhamad Rachini · CBC Radio · Posted: Dec 07, 2022

Assimilating into Canada may be difficult for a lot of newcomers, especially those who speak little to no English. But a pilot project at the University of Toronto is trying to change that using virtual reality technology.

"Our main goal is to support newcomers in any way we can, and make their integration in Canada as smooth as possible," said Rayan Batlouni, who heads the study and is also a project manager at the Syrian Canadian Foundation.

Calgary immigrants can now get help at the airport as soon as they land

Melissa Gilligan Wednesday, December 7th 2022

Immigrants arriving in Calgary through the Calgary International Airport can now head to a new booth as soon as they land for help getting settled.

The booth – called the Immigrant Arrival Centre – is a place where new immigrants and refugees can ask questions and seek support immediately upon their arrival.

5 Afghan siblings arrive in Toronto more than a year after being stuck in limbo in UAE refugee camp

Sara Jabakhanji · CBC News · Posted: Dec 05, 2022

Faisal Rasel remembers the moment his father was killed by the Taliban in 2018 for working with the U.S. government. He knew that from then on, he would have to be the one to look after his four siblings. Their mother had died several years prior. 

But when Kabul fell to the Taliban in August 2021, Rasel, 17 at the time, worried they would come after his orphaned siblings. 

"It was a bad dream," Rasel said. 

Not everyone thinks Canada’s new immigration plan will grow the economy the way it should

Brian Hill Global News December 1, 2022 

Nadine Rana’s family has been proudly cleaning clothes for more than 50 years.

Her parents immigrated to Canada from the West Indies in the late 1960s and opened a dry cleaner in Toronto’s east end. Rana now runs the business with the hope her children might one day take over.

Canada not doing enough with its highly educated immigrants, StatsCan says

Jessica Wong · CBC News · Posted: Dec 01, 2022

Being a physician has been a lifelong dream for 35-year-old Ayman Jabril. He's passionate about caring for patients, clearly explaining medical treatments, and following up with them over time. He trained and worked as a physician in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, but has yet to make headway getting further training and certification in Canada, despite having completed a host of qualification exams since arriving in 2017. 

Palestinian refugee's desperate plea for housing in Canada prompts Jewish family to open their door

Adrian Ghobrial CTV National News Nov. 29, 2022

 In her past life Aziza Abu Sirdana has only known war, conflict, fear and isolation.

“If you are born in Gaza you don't know what life is,” she told CTV National News.

The 22-year-old Palestinian refugee fled to Canada after she learned about her father and grandfather's plans to hunt her down and kill her.

Immigration partnership launches welcome app for Sarnia-Lambton newcomers

Tyler Kula The Observer Nov 28, 2022  

It was maybe eight years ago when the Sarnia-Lambton Local Immigration Partnership first started talking about developing a smartphone app to make it easier and more welcoming for newcomers here to get settled, an official says.

“Sadly, things like this cost quite a bit of money,” said Stephanie Ferrera.