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Facing barriers to practice medicine, Niagara’s internationally trained doctors looking to be ‘part of solution’

Victoria Nicolaou The Record Fri., Nov. 18, 2022

Moises Vasquez came to Canada from Colombia as a refugee — with no English skills, but more than 10 years experience working in an emergency department as a general practitioner.

After arriving at Chez Marie Refugee Assistance Centre — alongside his pregnant wife, Daisy, and two children — he began his new life. Volunteering in the community. Getting to know the different areas of Niagara. Learning a new language.

Canada spent millions to upgrade its systems. Why are immigration backlogs still so bad?

Nicholas Keung The Star Tue., Nov. 15, 2022

When Ian Bromley invited his girlfriend to come from Costa Rica and visit him after Canada’s border had reopened, the Toronto man thought it would be a few weeks before she could get her visa.

After trying unsuccessfully to navigate the tedious online application process, Bromley paid a lawyer $3,000 to submit an application on Jeannett Anton Mendoza’s behalf in April.

How Canada plans to break records with its new refugee targets

The Conversation November 15, 2022 Geoffrey Cameron & Shauna Labman

Every November, Canada’s immigration minister presents an annual report to Parliament that includes immigration targets for the next three years. This year, these immigration targets have grabbed headlines for their goal of admitting 500,000 permanent immigrants a year by 2025.

While most news reports focused on the significant rise in economic immigrants, the refugee targets are record-breaking.

‘Surprising and scandalous’: Take migrant detainees out of provincial jails, critics tell Ottawa

Irem Koca The Star Mon., Nov. 14, 2022

OTTAWA — Two former federal cabinet ministers called on the government Monday to end the practice of incarcerating refugee claimants and migrants in provincial jails on administrative grounds.

“The facts are now out. The stories are public. Now we must decide what we’re going to do about it,” Allan Rock, a former justice minister and ambassador to the United Nations, told a news conference on Parliament Hill.

Federal government formally bans top echelons of Iranian regime from entering Canada

The Canadian Press Monday, November 14, 2022

OTTAWA - The federal government has formally banned the top echelons of the Iranian regime from Canada, with a new, rarely used designation now in place that allows border agents to deny foreigners access to the country.

Federal cabinet ministers confirmed during a virtual press conference on Monday that the measure brought in through the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act promised more than a month ago has now come into effect.

Public opinion on migration could sour amid food insecurity and climate change

Andrew Griffith November 15, 2022 Policy Options

The inter-related pressures of food insecurity and climate change will increase migration pressures within and between countries, as Parag Khanna argues in his book, Move. While this is mainly with respect to the Global South, even more temperate zones are being affected as recent extreme weather events, such as storms and flooding in developed and developing countries alike, have demonstrated. Managing these pressures could be very difficult.

Racism and hate are threats to public safety. Why haven’t we heard this during the Emergencies Act inquiry?

Amira Elghawaby The Star Wed., Nov. 16, 2022

Did I miss something?

On Monday, the Public Order Emergency Commission heard testimony that the head of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service “at no time” felt that the so-called Freedom Convoy threatened Canada’s security.

Landlord doubles rent for Syrian refugees using exemption that allows for unlimited increases

Robert Williams The Star Wed., Nov. 16, 2022

KITCHENER — An exemption in the Rent Control Act for newer rental units means a Syrian refugee family’s monthly cost for a Kitchener town home will more than double in February.

Jumping from a current rent of $1,900 per month to $4,000 per month, the family is exhausting every possible option to stay in the only home they’ve known since immigrating to Canada.